About us

KUANG TAI SPECIAL PAPER began our business as a crops merchandising in 1977 and export to Japan and Taiwan market. In 1985, we start up our Mulberry paper business as a manufacturer and exporter to Asia and expand to Europe and USA market consequently, developing to one of the leading company of Mulberry papers business worldwide.

Over 33 years experience in Mulberry paper business, we have focused and continued to offer the best quality, on-time delivery and variety of our papers and products. We works directly with designers and artists to create new ideas into gorgeous papers. Having been located in Sukhothai province which rich of natural plants, we are the pioneer who take real plants to make several beautiful natural papers such as Banana paper, Mango paper, Sugarcane paper, and more Eco-friendly papers.

We do much more than just making unique papers! Our proud of a long contribution to create jobs for our community is a mission to let the local people be able to earn their living as well as stay with their family.

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